Car gear from Thule for 2017

With the year underway, perhaps you’re planning a holiday or to get active as the spring and summer get closer. Here we’ve rounded up some of the big hitting car gear from Thule for 2017. From roof racks to bike racks and sports carrying kits, take a closer look below.

Thule roofracks

Thule Ranger flexy roof bag

From the Thule Ranger flexy roof bag to a sleek gloss black roofbox from the Dynamic range, we have a whole host of Thule roofboxes. 

Thule bike racks

Thule ProRide bike range available from The Roofrack Company

Whether you need to carry bike for the whole family, or simply plan to take a single bike on a day trip, you can shop our complete range of Thule bike racks. One of our most popular ranges is the ProRide bike racks from Thule.

Water Sports Vehicle Carriers

Thule kayak carrier

If getting active on the water is for you, then getting your kit to the waterfront can be a challenge. You can explore our water sports carriers for cars and vehicles, in particular one of our popular kayak carriers, the classic Thule Kayak Carrier 874.

Here at The Roofrack Company and Boxes we hope you have an active 2017!