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If your family is expanding, one way to make room for more adventure is to load things on your car roof. Here we explore how to get the right roof rack for you.

Start with your needs

To get the right Thule roof rack for you, start by choosing a rack that suits your needs.

A rack will form a strong foundation for every load. It can also be used to easily mount accessories for different purposes, such watersports kit and bikes.

So, what is your need? Ask yourself a few simple questions: Do you need to use a roof rack every day? Just sometimes, or every now and then? Are you looking to carry heavy or light gear? Whatever your answers, there will be a rack you, for all purposes.

Here are Thule roof rack options:

Thule WingBar Edge

If your need of loading gear on your car varies from time to time, but you want to have the option always there, then Thule WingBar Edge offers an excellent solution. The extra low profile and close fit to the roof makes your car look even better, even when not in use.

Thule WingBar

Want to use your bar often and leave it mounted on your car when not in use? The lightweight aluminium Thule WingBar might be the perfect choice.

Thule SlideBar

If you’re going to transport sports equipment such as kayaks or bikes, if you have a bulky load, or if you have a high car, take a look at the innovative Thule SlideBar. The bar slides out on either side of the car body so you can easily manage your load.

Thule SquareBar

If you only use your bar once in a while, the standard Thule SquareBar, made of steel and coated in black plastic for a durable finish, might be right for you.

Thule Professional Bar

Craftsmen have special needs, and so there is a special bar – the sturdy Thule professional Bar, with a unique tri-slot design for fitting multiple accessories.

Need help choosing your Thule roof rack?

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Our selector will help you find the best all-in-one roof rack system for you.

We basically offer two types of solutions. Firstly, by selecting the correct Rapid System foot pack and fitting kit for your vehicle you get a base to fit a choice of one of the rack/load bars. Or, secondly, with the SmartRack and WingBar Edge complete all-in-one racks these are pre-assembled roof racks to fit your car.

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