Jo Pavey's tweet aboyt enjoying summer camping and activities with Thule roof and bike racks

Did you, like athlete and European track champion, Jo Pavey,  load up your vehicle this summer for some fun times camping and holidaying? If so, perhaps you’ve returned with a few improvements about how best to carry all of your stuff next year? Perhaps you have a few ideas about the types of roof rack and bike carrier you might need?

Well, you’re not alone. We’ve had stacks of enquiries about what roof racks, bike carriers and kayak racks might be coming for next year, what might be coming up in the sales, and lots of general enquiries seeking advice about how to carry equipment more efficiently.

Here are the kinds of questions we’ve been asking people in the shop of late:

List what you took this year, and you’ll want to take next year 

This will help you to determine the type of rack and/or carriers you are going to need.

You may well be thinking of changing your equipment for next year, so list this out.

For example, are you planning to get a larger kayak because the kids are getting bigger?

Think about what worked and what didn’t

Perhaps you’re feeling overloaded with bikes and want to arrange these better? Or, you struggled for space with bikes, a kayak and luggage on the roof? It can be a squeeze, particularly if there are a few of you in your family and you’re all very active.

List out any challenges you encountered and problems with any racks/carriers. Bring your list into the shop, or drop us a line, as we’re sure to be able to find you a solution.

You may well have returned with a few parts and accessories missing! If so, visit our roof rack spare parts website as we stock all replacements across our products range.

Start planning…

Finally, pull all of the above together alongside the type of holiday you might want next year. Start planning!

In the meantime, you might even be planning a winter skiiing/snowboarding trip. If so, take a look at our car snow chains website or explore our winter sports carriers