Thule Bike Rack Ranges from The Roofrack Company and Boxes

In this blog we’ve provided an overview of the Thule bike racks we stock. We have racks for everyone, so explore our list below. If you’re unable to see the kind of carrier you want, please do get in contact with our team.

Roof mounted bike carriers

Thule roof mounted bike carriers are extremely popular. Using patented AcuTight clamps, once a bike is placed on the roof mount it stays in position.

Towbar mounted bike carriers

If you want maximum flexibility when you travel, then a Thule towbar mounted bike carrier is a good option. Always allowing full access to the trunk, towbar mounts even leave your roof free for more kit.

Rear mounted bike carriers

Don’t have a tow bar? Then you’re in the right place as Thule rear mounted bike carriers offer a perfect solution. Foldable and easy to store, rear mount carriers can transport many bikes and come in a wide range to choose from.

Bike cases

Looking for an alternative to a bike rack, then a Thule bike case is a great option. Available in hard and soft shells, bike cases are tough enough for the demands of your journey.

So, if you’re looking for a bike rack or carrier, shop our range of Thule bike racks.

We also stock a large range of speclialist motorhome bike racks from Thule.