Thule Roof Rack Ranges from The Roofrack Company and Boxes

In this blog we’ve provided an overview of the Thule roof boxes we stock. We’re sure we have a something for everyone, so explore our list below. If you’re unable to see the kind of box you want, please do get in contact with our team.

Ocean Range

Thule Ocean roof boxes provide heaps of space, so you don’t need to leave anything behind. The range is one of Thule’s most popular, with the Ocean boxes offering ultimate protection and security, while also suitable for carrying everything from outdoor gear and luggage to stuff for daily life.

Dynamic Range

Thule Dynamic roof boxes do as their name suggests – offer exquisite aerodynamics and superb functions combined. Dynamic roof boxes can be opened from both sides, ideal for convenient fitting, loading and unloading. These boxes have been designed to have a dynamic, forward position on the car roof.

Touring Range

Touring roof boxes offers functional roof boxes for all your needs. The range has a special aero-skin lid material with a stylish look, or come with an exclusive black glossy lid colour. Touring boxes use the patented Fast-Click quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for simple, secure fixing.

Motion Range

Thule Motion roof boxes has an optimised design for space efficiency. Its pre-installed Power-Click quick mounting system means easy and secure fixing, while the ability to open from both sides means convenient loading and unloading. The patented Dual-Force spring system and outside handles guarantee convenient opening and closing.

The Excellence

The Thule Excellence roof box one of the world’s most exclusive roof boxes, coming in an exclusive and unique two-tone colour combination to enhance its elegant lines. It has a lowered base for reducing air resistance, wind noise and vibrations, adding to the superior performance of this supreme box.

The Ranger

The Thule Ranger roof box is one of a kind – a soft box you can roll up and stick under your arm. Being foldable means it’s easy to transport and store, suitable for slotting in the loft or in the boot of the car. It even comes with a special bag for storing the rolled-up box. If hard top roof boxes aren’t for you, the Ranger is a must.

So, if you’re looking for a new roof box, shop our range of Thule roof boxes.