Taking a closer look at the Thule WingBar Edge roof racks

To help you choose from our Thule roof racks, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of our range. Here, we’re featuring the WingBar Edge.

About the Thule WingBar Edge

If your need of loading gear on your car varies from time to time, but you wish that possibilities will always be there, then the Thule WingBar Edge offers the ultimate solution.

The extra low profile and close fit to the roof makes your car look even better, even when not in use. At the same time, Thule WingBar Edge is safe and basically noiseless.

Is this the best Thule roof rack for you?

We always encourage our customers to ask: what is your need? Then, ask yourself a few simple questions: Do you need to use a roof rack every day? Just sometimes, or every now and then? Are you looking to carry heavy or light gear?

Whatever your answers, there will be a rack you, for all purposes.

Choose the Thule WingBar Edge if…

…You want a permanent roof rack. And one that sits securely and quietly when not in use.

…You want to retain the sleek lines of your car. The WingEdge has a stylishly shaped design.

…You use your roof rack regularly, but not all of the time. Perhaps you need to carry camping gear once or twice a year, or you take part in water sports and need it every now and then to shift you gear.

…You are a family that take lots of gear out and about at the weekend. 

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