Thule boxes in all styles by The Roofrack Company and Roofboxes

We’ve pulled together three styles of boxes for your car – whether you’re looking for something flexy, sleek or just want to go large. Explore our suggestions below. If there isn’t a style for you, then have a browse of our ‘Roof Boxes’ section for more inspiration.

1. Flexy box

The Thule Ranger - a flexy box for the young and impulsive

The Thule Ranger roof box could be described as one for the young and impulsive. For the back packers at heart! Those who want to be up and off quickly. Designed like a rucksack for your roof, this is a style you can ultimately roll up and stick under your arm.

Yep, it’s foldable for easy transport and storage – and turns into a small package that easily fits in the boot of the car. The Easy-Snap quick mounting system means easy fitting of the box, with no tools required.

2. Sleek box

Thule Dynamic 800 roof box - a sleek style for a quick getaway

The Thule Dyanmic 800 is a sleek roof box for those who want to make a quick getaway – to escape the rat race with a loved one for a romantic weekend perhaps? It has exquisite aerodynamics and great functions combined, including a curved, lowered baseline to fit your car roof perfectly. It also comes with a pre-installed power-click quick mounting system, with integrated torque indicator for easy and secure fixation with a single-handed grip.

3. Go Large box

Thule Touring Large roof box - for families with plenty to pack 

The Thule Touring Large roof box is for all of you families out there that have plenty to pack. With a whopping 420 litre capacity it has all the rooom you’ll need for everyone’s things! With DualSide opening, it is also super-convenient when loading and unloading your stuff.

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