Bike racks to help you work off this year's Easter eggs!

Easter brings tradition and fun. With it, however, comes lots of chocoate! So, if you’re planning to overindulge, or if you’ve already done so, then here are three bike racks to help you pedal away the pounds. Explore more below.

1. ProRide 598 bike rack

Thule ProRide Back Rack

The Thule ProRide 598 upright bike carrier is great for mounting bikes up to 20 kg. So if you want to get out quickly and start working of the chocolate, the 598 automatically positions your bike, thanks to the uniquely designed frame holder and wheel tray. Shop for the Thule ProRide 598.

2. OutRide 561 bike rack

Thule OutRide 561 bike rack

A professional and stylish carrier for those who want to fork-mount their bike. The Thule OutRide 561 is easily adjustable with a snap-on fastener for all types of forks, including carbon fibre forks. It has a light and convenient aluminium design, ready for you to get out to work off Easter! Shop for the Thule OutRide 598.

3. Bike racks for your motorhome

Thule Motorhome Bike Racks available from The Roofrack Company and Boxes

Don’t despair… even if you take your home with you, there’s still a bike rack available so you can get out on your bike for a good pedal. We have an excellent range of Thule motorhome bike racks to choose from:

  • Thule Excellent – an elegant bike rack with a large load capacity
  • Thule Sport – a bike rack created for active lifestyles
  • Thule Lift – a motorhome bike rack with an adjustable platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Thule Elite – the perfect all-round bike rack for motorhomes 

Whatever your plans over the Easter weekend, have fun and get out on your bike when you can!