Thule Go Pack roof box bag set

 So, you’ve worked out which roof box works best for you, now you want to make loading and unloading quick and easy right?

In that case, look no further than the Thule Go Packs. Designed specifically to fit the Thule roof boxes and help distribute the weight correctly, these bags take the hassle out of packing your roof box and having to play luggage tetris!

Just fill the Go Packs and slide them in, knowing they will fit perfectly. The roof box bags have a water resistant base to protect the contents. They are strong, durable and have shoulder straps and grips for comfortable handling. 

You can purchase individual Thule Go Packs or if you have a 200 capacity or larger Thule roof box you can make a saving by purchasing the Thule Go Pack set which includes four bags. 

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