What is a roof rack? Your quick guide from The Roofrack Company and Roofboxes

We’re going back to basics with our series of quick guides. If you’ve asked – what is a roof rack? – then the following should help you navigate your way from an understandable explanation to the best rack for you.

What is a roof rack?

A roof rack is a support system for the top of your car or vehicle that helps carry luggage and equipment.

A roof rack system will often consist of padded ‘feet’ which sit on your roof and connect to bars that form the main supports. There are other fittings involved and these will depend on the make and model of your car or other vehicle.

Many people use roof racks to carry holiday and camping equipment, or trades people might mount items like ladders onto a rack so they can easily transport these between jobs.

There are numerous brands of roof rack available on the market, as well as different styles and systems depending on what you want to transport. Here at Exeter Roofacks and Roofboxes we stock the Thule brand. 

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We hope the above was helpful and you find the right roof rack for you.