What size Thule roof box to buy?

If you’re looking at what size Thule roof to buy, then explore our examples and suggestions in this blog.

Different sized Thule roof boxes 

We offer a range of different sizes. In this blog, we will describe them as small, medium and large, but sizes are often referred to as numbers: 80-100 (small), up to 800 (medium) and 900+ (large).

Small boxes:

Small Thule roof boxes are ideal for smaller cars and loads. You’ll generally get about 300-325 litres of space in a small box.

The box pictured at the top of this blog post is the Ocean 80 from one of Thule’s best-selling ranges.

Medium boxes:

These are for a mid-range sized car and for people looking for up to 450 litres of space.  

The Thule Motion range is highly popular, offering a sleek style and a very spacious inner, which has an optimised design for the best space efficiency. This roofbox can be opened from both sides, for convenient fitting, loading and unloading. Explore the Thule Motion 600 >

The Motion 600 is pictured here:

 Thule Motion 600 medium sized roof box

Large boxes:

Large roof boxes will hold upwards of 450 litres, maxing at about 650 litres. Obviously boxes with more capacity are suited to larger cars such as SUVs and estates. Here is a popular large Thule roof boxes you might want to consider:

The Thule Motion 900 (below) is a larger version of the 600 above. The 900 offers 610 litres of space – a substantial amount for people and families with lots of gear to transport. Explore the Thule Motion 900 >

The Motion 900 is pictured here:

The larger design of the Thule Motion 900 roof box in black

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