Our list of things not to forget when going on a winter holiday ski trip

If you’re planning a winter holiday, deciding what to take can be a headache. Perhaps you’re travelling from the UK, in which case the weather will definitely present different challenges at your holiday destination. So we’ve listed some things not to forget, although this is in no way an exhaustive list. This blog has been updated since its original publication in winter 2016.

Ski socks

Invest in some decent ski socks to keep your feet dry, and warm. Ask friends and family for some recommendations, but aim for ones with strategic padding. Always take more than two pairs!

Outerwear clothing

We’ve listed a few things here: Beanie, gloves (waterproof is best), neckwarmer/scarf, ski jacket and pants, sunglasses and definitely thermals. The thermals will always keep you warm when you’re out on the snow, taking the chill off the extremes of each day!


We know too many people who’ve regretted leaving their UV protection goggles at home. It’s bright at a snow resort and the glare can be pretty bad at times. If you have children, then definitely pack googles for them. You don’t want to have to buy new ones when there.


Don’t forget your gloves either by the way!

Sunscreen and lip balm

Essentials if you want to protect you and your family from the sun and reflected glare. Plus they will help your skin from drying out when moving from sun to cold, and outdoors to indoors.


In some resorts it is mandatory to wear a helmet. It is always recommended to wear one anyway, no matter what. If you’ve taken the time to find one(s) that fit securely and provide you with great protection on the snow runs, then best not to leave behind at home.


Pack your camera. If you catch some air, or take on a new snowboard run, you’ll want to capture those moments.

Ski carriers

Get your skis to the slopes with some winter sports ski carriers for your car. Convenient with easy loading and unloading.  

Snow chains

If you are taking your own vehicle, and you know driving is going to be challenging, then take some ski chains. Using our handy snow chain vehicle selector you can easily find and buy the best car snow chains for you.

Have a fantastic holiday. Pack well, and stay safe.