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Roof Rack Kit

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Get the right Roof Rack Kit for your vehicle!

Simply follow the steps below and we will make sure that you get the correct Roof Rack Kit for your vehicle.
You will need your vehicle registration at hand so that we can confirm your selection.

Please note: we can currently only provide kits online for cars registered after 2010.
If you have a car from before this date, please don’t hesitate to call us, as we may be able to accommodate.

Step 1: What Type of car do you have?

Please select the type of vehicle that you are buying your roof rack kit for.

  • Car Type *

Step 2: What Type of Roof does your car have?

Please choose the style of roof that your car has. If your style is not listed, please select Normal/Other.

  • Roof Type *

Step 3: Please enter your car details

  • Car Make & Model *

    e.g. Ford Fiesta ST

  • Registration Year *

    Please note: we can currently only provide kits for cars registered after 2010.Min: 2010

  • Registration Number *

    We need this to confirm the year and exact model of your car.

Step 4: Please select the Type of Bar you would like

  • Roof Rack Selection *

  • Roof Rack Selection *