Thule Ocean roof box range

If you’re interested in a Thule Ocean roof box, we’ve reviewed the range for you here… 

Following the glorious summer we’ve had, more people than ever chose to stay in the UK this year and enjoy a ‘staycation’. If you’re an avid camper, you’ll know that it doesn’t matter how big your car, you always pack more than you can comfortably fit it – and that’s where a roof box is worth it’s weight in gold. Whilst you might think that it’s an expensive commodity, the Thule Ocean range blends the quality you would expect from the Swedish experts, with a sensible budget. 

Here we’ll discuss the model range to help you find the roof box that best suits your needs.

Why chose a Thule roofbox?

Thule products undergo rigorous testing and meet the highest international approvals such as TUV and GS. They are compatible with an array of roof bar systems and are innovative, hardwearing and easy to fit. 

All Thule roof boxes come with a multi point locking system – meaning that your key can only be removed when all the locking points are closed securely, providing added safety and security. 

Why the Thule Ocean Range? 

As mentioned previously, the Ocean range was introduced as a ‘budget’ range, but this doesn’t affect any of the traits of the Thule quality. 

There are four boxes in the Ocean range, starting with the Ocean 80 offering 320 litres of extra luggage space, followed by the Ocean 100 with 360 litres. The Ocean 600 is a narrower, half width roof box but still has a capacity of 330 litres and finally the Ocean 200 is the largest in the range and offers 450 litres of added luggage space. 

All Thule Ocean roof boxes come with the patented Dual-Force, using spring action brackets to make opening and closing your roof box easy and smooth, and removing the worry of the lid falling on your head whilst you pack/unpack. They are easy to mount, fit and remove as they utilise a metal U-bolt fitting which also allows them to fit to any size roof bar up to a width of 80mm.

The boxes are aerodynamically designed so they don’t cause a huge amount of noise or drag, most users report an insignificant increase in fuel consumption. They also have a blunt rear to ensure easy opening of your boot. 

Thule Ocean 80Thule Ocean 80 Roof box

At just 133cm in length the Thule Ocean 80 is a practical size and good a good roof box for smaller cars. It has rear opening which provides easy access from either side and the back.


Dimensions at a glance:

Load capacity: 320 litres

Unloaded weight: 10kg

External dimensions: 133 x 86 x 37 cm

Max load: 50kg

Thule Ocean 100Thule Ocean 100 Roof box

The Ocean 100 offers single side opening (passenger side), so you need to be mindful of parking and access. You will notice there are just a few centimetres difference in the dimensions, but you do notice the extra 40 litres of luggage capacity that this provides over the Ocean 80. 

Dimensions at a glance: 

Load capacity: 360 litres

Unloaded weight: 12kg

External dimensions: 139 x 90 x 39 cm 

Max load: 50kg

Thule Ocean 80

Thule Ocean 200 Roof box

The largest in the range, this beast of a roof box should provide enough extra luggage capacity for a jolly holiday, which includes packing the kitchen sink! Despite it’s mammoth size, it is in fact lightweight at just 14kg (unloaded) which means it’s not out of the question for one person to mount and fit it – although we would recommend an extra pair of hands, for ease and to prevent any unwanted accidents to car, roof box or person.  

Dimensions at a glance: 

Load capacity: 450 litres 

Unloaded weight: 14kg

External dimensions: 175 x 82 x 45 cm 

Max load: 50kg

Thule Ocean 600Thule Ocean 600 roof box

This is the perfect roof box for outdoor enthusiast, as although the Ocean 600 is the longest roof box in the range, it is also the narrowest, leaving room for a surf board, ski’s, a kayak (on a tilt bracket) or a bike or two.

Dimensions at a glance: 

Load capacity: 330 litres 

Unloaded weight: 14kg

External dimensions: 175 x 82 x 45 cm 

Max load: 50kg


So there you have it, an overview of the Thule Ocean roof box range. If you have any questions about this range, including what fitting kit/bars you might require please don’t hesitate to call: 01392 444482 or email:


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