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Unleash Your Camping Freedom with the Thule Outset Towbar Tent

Imagine effortless camping adventures with the Thule Outset towbar tent. This innovative tent attaches to your car’s towbar, offering unparalleled ease of use and comfort.

Set up camp in under five minutes – simply unfold the tent and secure the rain cover. Choose to keep the tent connected to your vehicle or detach it for even more flexibility.

Unmatched Comfort & Convenience

The Thule Outset boasts a spacious interior with a comfortable 7cm mattress, allowing you to sit up and relax with friends and family. Plus, the low entry height makes it easy for everyone, including children, seniors and pet to access the tent.  The elevated platform keeps you off the ground, away from dirt, mud, and rocks.

Designed for Easy Use & Minimal Impact

The Thule Outset prioritises convenience. Wheels allow for easy transport, and the intuitive installation system makes attaching it to your towbar a breeze. Its aerodynamic design minimises impact on fuel efficiency, while the ability to tilt the tent ensures full access to your car’s boot. Security is also considered – the tent can be locked to your car or secured independently when detached.

Ready to experience car camping redefined? Explore the Thule Outset and discover a whole new level of comfort, convenience, and freedom on your next outdoor adventure.



  • Set up and broken down in under five minutes.
  • Deploy tent from vehicle and detach if required.
  • Spacious interior – sit up inside tent.
  • Comfortable 7cm mattress.
  • Wheels for easy movement and intuitive installation.
  • Easy access for pets, children and seniors.
  • Elevated platform above cold, mud and rocks.
  • Lock to car and lock tent.